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New license partners

Geddit welcomes international partners

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New Geddit chapters around the world has joined

Several new Geddit chapters have recently been established around the world, and we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with individuals in Germany and the USA! As license partners they have ownership of the commercial marketing aspects of Geddit in their respective nations.

We also welcome Senegal, Cameron and Nigeria as new licenses, who are already signed and ready to play.

In the coming weeks and months Geddit will sign up multiple license holders in different countries around the world.

License partners are our valued collaborators, possessing the expertise and resources necessary to fully utilize the potential of the Geddit platform and expand its presence in the local and digital market. A new license partner also means a downpayment upfront to Geddit, as well as a recurring revenue stream. This in turn helps Geddit internationally to reinvest in developing the platform.

These license buyers are partners with the strength to utilize the full potential of the Geddit platform, and continue to build its presence in the bigger local and digital market.

If you or someone you know possesses the ambition and skills to become a license partner, we invite you to contact us at Our forward operating team is currently engaged in identifying and working with potential partners for new countries



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