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Geddit Coin

Geddit coin

As many of you know, Geddit Coin is developed and deployable, yet the unsafe market currently gives terms much less than ideal for the security of our coin. To the benefit of the buyers especially, we are planning to publish in a more solid market. Geddit Coins main area of usage is of course Geddits […]

Seasons growth and local chapters

Geddit takes to the streets to interview people on what they think

Thanks to new local license partners, and marketing activities this summer, the Geddit ecosystem now have more than 150.000 Meta-followers total (Facebook: 94.600 Instagram: 61.600) So make sure you follow your national Geddit profile! We have solid growth on our channels, as well as with new license partners. Since this spring our followers base has […]

Geddit Play 3.0

Geddit mobile app screenshot 3

Geddit Play 3.0 Outside of China, Apple and Google control more than 95 percent of the app market. Where Google play is the biggest with their 2.5 billion users. At Google Play the most downloaded category of apps is by far games. We at Geddit have decided to release Geddit play at Google Play first. […]

Geddit Golf

Geddit Golf with Philip Zoellner and Von Castor

Geddit USA hosted a Golf team in this years APT Golf Tournament in Muskogee, Oklahoma and WON!! (Geddit USA Partner Philip Zoellner with Mickey Duncan) Team consisted of  Mark Dixon, Colby Cox and Channel 6 storm chaser Von Castor! The APT (All Pro Tour) has been around since 1994, the APT, a subsidiary of K&G […]

iPhone Winner With Geddit USA

Kevin Williams Geddit Iphone winner

This summer Geddit had 3 iPhone 14 Pro Max winners. The last winner was Kevin Williams from the USA! Make sure you follow our website, social media channels and newsletters for your chance to win with Geddit!

New license partners

Geddit welcomes international partners

New Geddit chapters around the world has joined Several new Geddit chapters have recently been established around the world, and we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with individuals in Germany and the USA! As license partners they have ownership of the commercial marketing aspects of Geddit in their respective nations. We also […]